We're Off!

And We Hit the Ground... Walking!


Well, we're off the drawing board and in the sky.

Our first Smart-City Node in public space has officially been deployed on the 4th story of an apartment building in downtown Columbia, MO.

Okay, so what does this mean?

Well if you haven't followed us over the past year you're probably so confused about what you're reading that you're about to skip ahead, BUT WAIT!

We'll take a moment to catch you up to speed.


Just less than a year ago, our founders decided to pivot away from a previous startup they were working on to found Ulytic. The premise behind Ulytic was to collect big data about the most vital functions of cities so that transportation, business, public safety, public health, and the environment could all be studied from a broader analytical approach than it had before - ahh! - this is getting boring again. Here's what we did.

We began developing a device that could collect what we determined to be the most important information about cities that no one else had begun thoroughly collecting. It would measure traffic counts and the speed traffic is traveling (vehicle, bicycle, and foot traffic), air pollution and emissions (CO, CO2, NO2, and O3), and it would monitor the weather and climate (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and light).

It would become a fitness tracker for towns and cities.


We began development and spreading the word about our progress, our vision, and the impact we could make. Through that, we've been riding what we call the wave of pretend success. We were named one of the twenty most promising startups at the global startup competition held at Kansas City Techweek.

We were also a finalists for Arch Grants, won the Made in Missouri Pitch Competition, took 2nd in the Ignition, and compiled nearly $20,000 in grant funding - Woowwww! However, we didn't have a finished product.